June 20, 2024

Experimental animals, Germany is the sad European leader, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Experimental animals, Germany is the sad European leader, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Experimental animals, Germany is the sad European leader

Germany is the country in the European Union where most of the animals have recently been used for scientific purposes. This is the result of a report now published by the European Union Commission [1] for 2019. #Deutscher #Tierschutzbund criticizes that Germany is doing too little to reduce the number of lab animals and to replace animal testing with pain-free methods.

“Statistics prove the frightening truth in black and white: Although officials in Germany repeatedly assert that sufficient efforts are already being made to reduce animal testing, our country has managed to elevate itself to the top when it comes to the consumption of cruel animals,” comments Thomas Schroeder, President of the German Society for Animal Welfare. “The federal government must finally take seriously the EU’s goal of reducing animal testing. We have been calling for a comprehensive phase-out strategy for years, and concrete steps must be formulated for that. Expand it on a large scale and at least for an immediate ban on highly stressful animal experiments and experiments on non-human primates.

The total figures included in the statistics of the EU member states and Norway remain at a high level: 10,608,764 animals were used for scientific purposes, of which 1,855,795 are in Germany alone. This puts #Germany in first place in terms of animal consumption for the first time – ahead of France with 1,776,567 animals and the UK, and #EU# remains a member in 2019, with 1,752,132 animals. Mice (5,515,089) and fish (2,574,857) were used frequently. But also primates (10,203), dogs (20,641) and cats (3708) suffered and died in experiments in the European Union and Norway. Nearly a million animals have experienced the highest levels of #pain, #suffering, #fear and #harm.

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European Citizens Initiative Against Animal Suffering in Laboratories

In order to end #animal suffering in laboratories across Europe, the German Animal Welfare Association supports the European Citizens Initiative (EBI) “Keep Cruelty-Free Cosmetics – for Europe Without Animal Testing”. Together with other animal protection organizations, the association is calling for compliance and strengthening of the ban on #cosmetics on animals for animal testing, which is currently being undermined by the European Union itself, a reorganization of the EU’s chemicals law without animal testing and a concrete plan for an out-of-animal testing phase. EU citizens who wish to claim these legal changes can still sign ECI# Online until August 31, 2022, more

1.) “Summary Report on Statistics of Animal Use for Scientific Purposes in EU Member States and Norway for 2019”