May 23, 2024

Already six burglary alarms at Harry's million dollar mansion

Already six burglary alarms at Harry’s million dollar mansion

Written by Marcus Brashat

Prince Harry, 37, and Duchess Meghan, 40, live in a beautiful estate in Montecito, California. But that’s exactly where the problems are: the 13 million royal family’s villa has been repeatedly broken into. I

In the past 14 months, the police have had to show up six times.

Recently, a burglary alarm was triggered twice in just twelve days, he writesSun“.

The first incident occurred on the couple’s wedding anniversary, May 19. An intruder has been reported. The police arrived. Nothing new for the California Police!

The next warning came on May 31 – just hours before Harry and Meghan were to fly to the UK on a private jet for the Queen’s 96th Platinum Jubilee.

So Harry and Meghan and their two children Archie (3 years) and Lilipet (1) were likely still home when the burglar alarms went off.

The two incidents were listed as “infiltrators”, “property crimes” and “suspicious circumstances” in police records.

Obama’s former bodyguard has been hired

Harry and Meghan have already engaged President Barack Obama’s (60) former bodyguard, Christopher Sanchez, and former pop legend Michael Jackson (50) chief security officer Alberto Alvarez.

Former US President Barack Obama (left) and British Prince Harry discuss during a wheelchair basketball game in 2017 Photo: dpa

What did the alleged thieves want from Harry and Meghan? not clear. There are no reports of theft, stalkers, or the like.

Harry sues security in Britain

Is this why Harry is obsessed with his safety? In Britain he was just allowed to sue the Home Office.

After the couple quit their royal duties and moved to the US in 2020, the two also lost a huge franchise: their UK security team, paid for by the UK taxpayer.

More on this topic

Harry is suing now. The family will only receive protection when visiting British soil – if Harry wins in court. But not in the new homeland of the USA, where more security will be needed much sooner due to the series of intrusions.

“Perhaps Harry should focus more on safety in California rather than complaining about his safety in the UK,” Royal expert Angela Levine, Harry’s biographer, told The Sun.

Harry and Meghan’s other warnings

► On April 9, 2021, officers were alerted at 2:52 am, but canceled again because “help was not needed.”

► On January 1, 2022, at 1:43 am, the alarm went off by mistake and a patrol car was dispatched. It is not clear if the Sussexes celebrated New Year’s Eve at home.

► On April 8, the police were called at 10:41 am but they did not come because the call was “routed to another agency”. Which authority is mentioned – is unclear.

► On June 8 at 1:17 pm, another alarm reached the police. Police did not appear at the site due to the incident, which was presented as “other use.”

On Christmas Eve 2020, a man broke into Harry and Meghan’s home, came back on Boxing Day – and was arrested.

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