December 8, 2023

Etihad Airways is working to make Copenhagen a year-round destination, while Dusseldorf is currently a seasonal destination.

Etihad Airways announced two new destinations last January, and launched them in October: from Abu Dhabi to Copenhagen in Denmark and to Dusseldorf in Germany.

“The most notable changes to the route network, which are now being introduced, include new direct flights to Nice in the south of France and to the Greek holiday destinations of Mykonos and Santorini,” the airline said. “In addition, the newly introduced route to Copenhagen will become a year-round destination.”

While Etihad Airways announces the expansion of the Copenhagen route to operate year-round, the connection to Dusseldorf remains unmentioned at the present time. In the airline’s reservation system, flights from North Rhine-Westphalia Airport are currently available until the end of March 2024 and then again only in the winter flight schedule 2024/2025. As for Copenhagen, summer flights can already be found in Etihad Airways’ booking system.

Meanwhile, Etihad Airways is expanding its flights to destinations such as Ahmedabad, Athens, Bangkok and Colombo in the summer of 2024. The new summer schedule adds to the new destinations already announced for 2024, including Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram in the Indian subcontinent, and Boston. in North America, and Nairobi in East Africa.

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