June 20, 2024

Controversial naming – Hitler’s beetle will keep its name – News


His hair looks like that of the moth Neopalpa Donald Trump: Donald Trump in a photo taken in May 2014.

Reuters/Curtis Means

The animal and plant world is full of names of fairly famous personalities, including quite a few controversial ones. after Benito Mussolini Her name is butterfly. After the former US President Donald Trump Several animals have been named, including a blond-headed butterfly – Neobalba donaldrumpii.

Particularly controversial are the flowering plants of the genus Hypertia, named after the British abolitionist activist George Hibbert (1757-1837).

In 2023, famous scientists in… Commentary in the scientific journal “Nature”. He advocated a new nomenclature and also that existing nomenclature could be changed for ethical reasons.

But there are also countless unproblematic names for animals: Nach Taylor Swift Millipedes are named after John Lennon Pumbaa linoni spider species Mick Jagger With Anomphalus jaggerius which is a snail, according to Johnny Cash Spider Avonopelma Junikachi and after lady gaga The Hornet Iliodis Gaga.

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