December 5, 2023

Tax evader from Melin: LLB has half a million owed

The case is with a couple from Melin on the Gold Coast, who were barely there 700,000 francs of outstanding tax debt Liechtensteinische Landesbank marks the move to the Middle East.

The Swiss branch of LLB, as the bank is called for short, obtained the matter directly before the commercial court in Zurich.

One of the companies owned by the fugitive businessman must pay LLB “497,523.19 Swiss francs plus interest at 5% since January 1, 2023” by court order.

That’s almost another 13,000 francs. In addition, there is a court fee of 15,000 francs for the losing party and damages in favor of the Lebanese Bank of 23,500 francs.

Good Money in the Black Hole (IP)

This is evident in the recent ruling under “HG230100”. All legal suggestions and objections submitted by the defendant, who is said to be currently in Dubai, have been removed.

It is unlikely to be of much use to the plaintiff. LBB had to throw good money after bad money in the form of advances from the court.

It remains unclear why the bank allowed outstanding bills to accumulate more than half a million. The LLB media office has not yet responded to questions.

Proceedings against the businessman have been ongoing in Germany since 2020, and the Zurich Public Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating since 2021.

She was initially worried about the responsibility rather than taking quick action against the man and his wife who was also on the run.

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Now bigger and bigger holes are becoming evident.

According to insiders, the half million received by LLB, which the bank will likely forget, and nearly $700,000 to the tax authorities, are just the tip of the iceberg.