June 17, 2024

More than 50 companies begin the testing phase

Tests for the 4-day week have been implemented in many countries for several years – but this may now be the case in Germany as well. A large-scale testing phase with more than 50 companies will begin soon.

The 4-day week is also becoming increasingly attractive for employees in Germany. A survey conducted by online job exchange platform Stellenanzeigen.de recently confirmed this.

Because 42% of employees who are ready for change are looking for employers that offer them a 4-day work week. The number of employees currently looking for a job and interested in this business model is 81 percent.

The large-scale testing phase of the 4-day week in Germany is likely to find fertile ground here. The pilot test is scheduled to be conducted next year.

This is how the 4-day week is experienced in Germany

The 4-day week test is scheduled to take place in Germany between February and August 2024. That reports it RND Quoted from the management consulting company Intraprenör. More than 50 companies from various industries are expected to participate in the test.

In Germany, the University of Münster is also involved in the project. It primarily accompanies scientific evaluation.

Companies can apply for the pilot project starting September 1. This is followed by a planning phase of preparation before the actual testing begins in February.

The trial run model is Great Britain

The initiative is behind a trial run of 4 days a week 4 days a week. This has already been accompanied by the largest 4-day-a-week test run to date in Great Britain. Most companies here have chosen a Monday-Thursday work week.

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During the testing period in Great Britain, participating companies were able to increase their sales by 1.4 percent. The pilot project also had a positive impact on employee health and satisfaction.

Four out of ten employees said they felt less stressed. The number of sick leaves among employees also decreased by two-thirds.

4-day week: What is the goal of the pilot project?

“The goal is to reduce working hours while maintaining the same salary,” Jan Bohren of consulting firm Intraprenör tells… RND. Management consulting supports participating companies in finding a suitable model for a 4-day week.

4 Day Week Global has a rule of thumb of 100-80-100 for a 4-day week. Employees in the pilot project should receive 100% of their salaries, but they work only 80% of their working hours. The second 100 represents 100 percent performance.

After the pilot project ends in August 2024, evaluation of the collected data will also begin. But the first results can still be expected in May. The final report is scheduled to be published in October.

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