May 22, 2024

Entertainment industry and their efforts to achieve sustainability

Entertainment industry and their efforts to achieve sustainability

Although their impact is not often talked about, one of the biggest enemies of the environment is the entertainment industry. The most problematic area is definitely the movie industry. On average, big-budget blockbusters produce almost 3,000 tones of CO2 per production, which are concerning numbers.

However, not many of us know what exactly stands behind movies, shows, casinos, and other branches of the entertainment industry. We get it, it’s not easy to think about the created waste while chewing popcorn, with eyes glued to the screen. You will be happy to hear that the entertainment industry is making considerable efforts to achieve sustainability. This is why we bring you a scoop of those attempts.  

New changes that mandate sustainability efforts

In recent years, the movie-making industry introduced a mandatory crew member called green or sustainability coordinator. These employees are in charge of ecological issues on movie sets. They overlook the construction of sets and make sure that every department saves up and reuses as much material as possible. 

For example, there is a significant switch from paper to digital considering all-around communication, both on-location and in studios. The efforts are also visible in crew eating habits – not only do they try to use only recyclable and compostable materials, but they give away excess food to those in need. 

Every movie set needs many props, costumes, and backdrops, which lose their importance after filming. This generates big amounts of waste that have to be properly separated and disposed of. Nowadays, there are many environmentally friendly waste disposal practices. Many movie companies partner up with the recycling programs of the city they film in. They also team up with local NGOs to donate leftover material. 

The gambling industry is not far behind in its efforts to achieve sustainability. Since most of them are open 24/7, casinos consume a lot of energy. The world’s gambling capital, Las Vegas, leaves an enormous carbon footprint provoked by always-incoming visitors. Today, a lot of casinos employ effective sustainable methods. 

One of the biggest problems casinos face is the constant lightning. They consume great amounts of energy due to the unnatural light, that keeps visitors from knowing the time of the day. One of the solutions casinos started with is using LED lights and other energy-saving light sources.

Sustainability is achievable after all

One of the best sustainable solutions is offering an alternative to real-life casinos in online form. By providing a website, casinos let their visitors choose environmentally friendly options. This is a perfect way to reduce our carbon footprint. The Canadian online casino industry is just one example where sustainability can be achieved through green hosting solutions.

Entertainment is moving towards more sustainable practices industry-wide. These changes are just another proof of raising awareness about environmental issues across the world. Considering the amount of money we put into it, it’s good to have the entertainment industry on board with this global shift.