Belgian cheese in space for the first time

Two specialties of Belgian cheese began their long journey into space. As the Flemish Agricultural and Fishery Products Promotion Center (VLAM) announced, American astronaut Shannon Walker ordered her favorite cheeses, Old Farmdale and OG Kristal, from family dairy products to the ISS space station.

“The Old Farmdale with a one-year maturity period is a variant of Oud Roeselare. OG Kristal belongs to the Brokkeloud Roeselare group and matures for 2 years. Both items are also exported to the United States, ”explained Louis-Philippe Dewer, Groendal’s managing director.

According to VLAM, the American astronaut discovered the specialties in canned food in Houston, where NASA placed an order recently. The Belgian factory was very happy to deliver a large portion of the space mission.

The sales organization reports that the Belgian majors have passed the quality and food safety tests conducted by NASA with flying colors. Nothing gets in the way of enjoying cheese in space; Astronauts don’t have to be satisfied with cheese from a probe or a tube.

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