March 3, 2024

Emirates returns to the United States on the Airbus A380

Emirates returns to the United States on the Airbus A380

Emirates has been expanding its A380 network for some time. It is now clear which destinations the airline will fly to on the Airbus A380 in the USA.

In early March, Emirates flew an A380 over Dubai. This flight was a verification flight that is performed by default when the aircraft is on the ground for a long time. At the same time, pilots can carry out the take-off and landing operations necessary to obtain a model license. Last Thursday, Emirates once again flew about four hours over Dubai and carried out a number of take-off and landing maneuvers. More aircraft reactivation is imminent – we will probably see the A380 again in the USA soon.

Four times a day to New York

Emirates has been expanding its A380 network and US Airways network continuously for several weeks. Not only does Emirates operate direct flights to a number of destinations in the USA, but it is on the verge of resuming my Fifth Freedom, which flies across Europe to the United States. After it was announced in early March that Emirates would like to fly to the United States again on the A380, the final destinations and flight plan have now been determined.

Starting from June 1, Emirates will operate four daily flights from Dubai to New York. Two of the four are the aforementioned Fifth Freedom trips, which we already reported. Emirates operates flights to New York’s John F Kennedy Airport via Milan and to Newark Newark via Athens. The other two have direct flights, one of which is operated with the Airbus A380. The flights have been incorporated into the flight plan as follows:

  • EK201 | Dubai – New York | Departure: 8:30 AM Arrival: 2:25 PM
  • EK202 | New York – Dubai | Departure: 11:00 pm Arrival: 7:45 pm the next day
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Two more destinations on the A380 network

In addition to two New York airports, Emirates flies to two other cities in the USA with the A380. In addition to Los Angeles, Emirates also flies its iconic Double Deck to Washington, DC, but not until July 1, but every day.

  • EK215 | Dubai – Los Angeles | Departing: 8:55 AM Arrival: 2:15 PM
  • EK216 | Los Angeles – Dubai | Departure: 4:40 pm Arrival: 7:30 pm the next day

Flights between Dubai and Washington, D.C. have been integrated into the flight plan as follows:

  • EK231 | Dubai – Washington, DC | Departure 2:20 AM Arrival: 8:40 AM
  • EK232 | Washington DC – Dubai | Departure 10:55 a.m. Arrival: 8:05 a.m. the next day
Emirates Airlines first class Airbus A380 cabin

On all three routes, Emirates First Class passengers can enjoy an exclusive shower that you can use during the flight. Bathing at an altitude of more than 10,000 meters – a unique experience. Business class passengers can look forward to the most comfortable business class. While the Business Class on the Boeing 777-300ER is installed in an old 2-3-2 configuration, the Business Class on the A380 comes in a stylish 1-2-1 configuration.

Conclusion on the start of the A380 flights to the United States

Emirates’ A380 network has been expanding steadily. Destinations in USA are now known. For passengers flying on these routes, the use of the A380 means an upgrade in the flying experience. The A380 beats the Boeing 777 in all respects – both the interior cabin and the more comfortable feeling of flying on a double-decker plane.

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