December 4, 2023

Eighty lawsuits against vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca in Great Britain. It’s about over 90 million in damages

If studies are to be believed, the Covid-19 vaccine from manufacturer Astra Zeneca has saved six million lives. A total of 150 million people have been vaccinated worldwide.

Now the company ends up in court in Great Britain. The accusation: Some doses of the vaccine were “defective” and the alleged effect was “largely exaggerated.”

Among other things, the justices will have to deal with two cases from 2021 that ended tragically.

A man suffered a cerebral hemorrhage after the injection, suffered brain damage and became nearly blind. One woman died after vaccination.

Serious side effects of this kind have always been denied during the global vaccination campaign. But the truth is that AstraZeneca itself acknowledges the danger. Bleeding disorders may occur, which may be fatal.

A total of eighty cases are scheduled to be dealt with primarily in Great Britain with a compensation amount of more than €90 million.

Today, families receive the equivalent of approximately 140,000 euros if someone suffers serious harm due to the vaccination recommended by the government. Lawsuits have now been filed because, according to experts, this regulation is outdated.

AstraZeneca said the vaccine had an “acceptable safety profile” and that the benefits outweighed “potential very rare side effects.”

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