eFootball 2022 – Season 2 begins, 4 days offline

Konami is currently preparing to start the second season eFootball 2022 The simulation takes place offline for a full 4 days.

The project is currently planned for the end of May to import new content for a second season. During this period, not all online content will be available with a few exceptions, eFootball 2022 But it can still be played offline. Update 1.1.0 will appear next, as well as Season 2 a few weeks later.

There are also some innovations that will be introduced in due course.

Unusually long waiting times He writes Konami:

“The events and campaigns of Season 1 are over, and today the Pre-Season 2 begins. The version 1.1.0 update will bring improvements in win/lose decision-making in online matches, server capacity expansions, and preparations for future initiatives such as data sharing between console and mobile device. .

The maintenance period runs from May 30 to June 2. During the maintenance period, test matches are still playable with some leagues and clubs, with the addition of two new test match options: Beginner difficulty and 10 minutes of play time.

After the maintenance is completed, the second season will begin on June 16, and this will be accompanied by various in-game events. More details will be announced in-game, on the official website, and on this Twitter account.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the length of the maintenance period and thank you for your patience.”

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