July 15, 2024

Edelweiss will fly frequently to the US and Canada by 2024

Edelweiss will fly frequently to the US and Canada by 2024

Due to high demand, Edelweiss is expanding its flight offerings to North America as part of its 2024 summer flight schedule.

North America travel is currently trending. Lufthansa is expanding with two new destinations in the US, with more airlines like Swiss now flying to Washington and Toronto. Additionally, Lufthansa will connect Munich to three new destinations next summer. Edelweiss is also responding to the huge demand and expanding its flights to North America. Press release Airline.

Daily flights to Vancouver, more flights to Calgary and Tampa

Edelweiss follows Swiss and Lufthansa. The airline is announcing plans to fly more to North America as part of its 2024 summer schedule. Vancouver, especially located on the west coast, can expect a significant expansion of its flight offerings. Edelweiss not only extends the season from May to October, but also flies daily to Vancouver at the height of summer. In future, the airline will fly to Calgary, Canada three times instead of the two weekly flights previously scheduled. Edelweiss also flies to the city in Alberta between May and September.

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Tampa, Florida, USA can expect to double the number of flights on offer. Tampa, where Edelweiss flies year-round, will have four weekly direct flights throughout the summer. The plane flies to Las Vegas three times a week until the fall. A flight on Saturday completes the previously scheduled flight offer. Located in the US state of Colorado, Denver will have three flights per week beginning in June.

Expanding air services to more long-haul destinations

In total, Edelweiss flies to 23 long-haul destinations such as Muscat as part of its 2024 summer flight schedule. Between spring and autumn 2024, the airline will double the number of weekly flights to Muscat. The same applies to Phuket, but only in spring. Cape Town will be offered three times a week instead of twice in the spring. New destinations Bogotá and Cartagena, which will join the route network in November 2023, will be served until May 2024. Edelweiss will serve Bogotá and Cartagena for the first time as part of the 2023/2024 winter flight schedule. These plane connections are through the triangular plane. From Zurich, Edelweiss first flies to Bogota. From there we fly to Cartagena before returning to Zurich. Colombia is gaining popularity. For example, Cartagena is a popular seaside resort with many beaches. Bogota is a great starting point for a Colombia tour.

Decision on expansion of Edelweiss’ long term offering

Edelweiss’ expansion of flight offerings is certainly impressive. Edelweiss knows how to fly to popular destinations often and for long periods of time. Personally, I’m glad Edelweiss visits Muscat more often because I really fell in love with Oman. There are also new, exciting connecting links for travelers from Germany and Austria. I’m interested to see how well Swiss and Edelweiss can implement their respective summer flight plans.

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