June 20, 2024

Training of Ukrainian soldiers will be “much louder” – training will be reduced by 30 percent

Britain’s Ministry of Defense agreed to significantly reduce its scope after residents complained that Ukrainian soldiers were training “too loud”.

as Daily Mail Lydd Town Council in Kent recently told the ministry it had received “complaints from local residents” about wartime noises coming from a nearby military training camp.

“The explosions are so loud. They’re knocking on the windows,” one elderly resident told the newspaper. “It’s murderous – I hate living here, but the problem is that we’re renting.” I thought: Really?” complained another senior citizen.

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Similar complaints were raised at a city council meeting, after which Lt. Base Lt. Col. Mark Powell issued a statement. “In response to a series of letters raising noise pollution, I have ordered my team to review our procedures and I can report that we have reduced training activities by 30 percent,” he wrote in a letter to “the good people of Lydd.” “We’ve eliminated the use of more intense smoke effects and reduced the duration and intensity of more sound effects.” Additionally, Powell thanked residents for their “great reception” and asked them to contact him with any concerns.

Despite the complaints, many residents who spoke to the newspaper were very understanding. “They protect the country. There is no point in sending out people who are untrained and cannot handle bombs or gunfire,” said a woman who has lived in the area for more than three decades.

As the Daily Mail writes, the base has been stationed on the outskirts of Lyd for about 150 years and is one of several bases used by the British Ministry of Defense to train Ukrainian armed forces. More than 20,000 Ukrainian soldiers have already completed training in the UK, learning key frontline skills such as: b. Trench and urban warfare, or to receive medical training. London recently pledged to train an additional 20,000 Ukrainians.

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