September 29, 2023

Do not arbitrarily monitor inside –

European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) It has resulted in a ruling against Great Britain and its digital surveillance pronounced. This means that surveillance without remedies is illegal, even if it affects people living outside the UK.

Claudio Guernieri, head of Amnesty International’s security lab, and Joshua Wider, an information technology researcher, prosecuted the case. Both live outside the United Kingdom, so under current British law, they have no legal recourse against surveillance by British secret services.

The Human Court now says that people outside the country have the right to complain. The prerequisite for this is that the invasion of privacy occurs where the communication is “intercepted, intercepted, sought or used.” The judgment recognizes that it is the UK’s responsibility to deal with the two claimants’ complaints.

No monitoring without consequences

Ilia Siatitsa is a legal expert at Privacy International, a British civil rights organizationsays: “Ever-expanding technological capabilities have enabled states to spy beyond their traditional borders, providing unprecedented access to people’s information and lives. States can no longer assume that digital surveillance will be ineffective or that they can avoid accountability by targeting people outside their borders.

Guarnieri and Wieder did not seek any monetary or moral damages. According to the ruling, public discovery of a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights would give them fair compensation, they said.