June 20, 2024

Baker AI from Großrinderfeld: Startups expand to England

New money for AIPERIA, formerly BäckerAI from Großrinderfeld: The AI ​​company now wants to use it to reduce food waste internationally.

Better planning the amount of fresh food actually needed and thus reducing the food that ends up in the trash at the end of the day: this is the goal of AIPERIA from Großrinderfeld (Main-Tauber district). AIPERIA is already active in bakeries using artificial intelligence (AI), initially under the names BäckerAI and PlanerAI. With new capital worth €7.5 million, the startup now wants to expand its business internationally.

Bakeries in Germany are followed by supermarkets in England

Franz Seibert, the company’s managing director, has identified England as the top destination. Demand for convenience foods, that is, prepared foods such as sandwiches, is particularly high there. Therefore, there is a great demand for particularly accurate calculations of the needs of these foods with a short shelf life.

The example of a bakery from Erlenbach (Heilbronn district) shows how AI works in everyday life:


Technology from Großrinderfeld
With the help of artificial intelligence: This baker from Erlenbach saves 90 percent of his time

Thanks to the AI, master baker Felix Gosch can focus more on the bread – because the “noisy” part is taken care of by the AI ​​– which comes from the region.

SWR4 consultation hours


The AI ​​collects about 150 pieces of data to calculate the amount needed for the next day. Weather forecasts, public holidays or branch location are also included, for example. This makes more precise planning possible, saving an average of 30 percent in wasted food, the company says — and does so with much less work for the baker. Or future supermarket owner.

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7.5 million euros in new capital

The startup now has 7.5 million euros in a new round of funding from various investors. Seubert says the new capital represents a big step for the startup. Now we can really capture speed and growth. AIPERIA was also supported by the founders of the Heilbronn Campus.

Incredibly important to us. This is really the next level for us.

Above all, Seubert is happy because it is also a confirmation of the work that has been done in the past few years and that new investors are now convinced. The company has already grown by 500 percent from 2022 to 2023. Nearly 2,600 bakery branches in Germany use artificial intelligence.

BäckerAI becomes AIPERIA

Even if the name changes, the company of about 60 employees stays the same, Seubert says. The name BäckerAI only works in Germany, which is why the name change was necessary. AIPERIA itself is a made-up word, but of course it fits because of the “AI” in the name.