December 8, 2023

Disaster in Canada – Fire destroys homes and trees near West Kelowna

Many countries have already had to fight devastating forest fires this year – Greece, Italy or Canada. Many photos of the fire are circulating on social media. This is also included A video, which is said to be from Canada. Countless users spreading A post with the note, “Houses are burning, trees are not,” suggests that something may be wrong here. Other users are very clear in their posts: they suspect the video is showing targeted swelling “Energy Weapons”. What’s in the clip?


Missing context here: Photo shows houses burned by wildfires near West Kelowna, Canada. However, other videos and photos show that the fire also destroyed trees. It is not uncommon for trees to sometimes survive wildfires and depends on a variety of factors.


Close to town West Kelowna On August 15, 2023 (German time) a devastating forest fire broke out in the Canadian province of British Columbia. that “McDougall Creek Wildfire” The prescribed fire spread throughout 139 square kilometers. Many people had to leave their homes. Even after more than a month, the authorities have not announced Recently found outThe fire was finally brought under control.

In connection with this forest fire, users distributed the clip, which is now supposed to demonstrate the use of energy weapons in Canada. Many users give Evidence Instagram user for the record. According to one Media report Enables this Okanagan Lake A boat was hired and the locals came to help. Another log is shown in the report, which is also said to be from the user. You can see the same burning houses there.

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It is unclear whether the user is actually the author of the circulating clip. The video can no longer be found on his Instagram account (not linked here to protect privacy). However, the photo actually shows houses north of West Kelowna on Okanagan Lake. On that day Google Maps There may be many details like stairs or A A house with a unique cable Find out again. There was a fire 189 assets Destroyed or damaged (up to August 28).

Other images show destroyed trees and forested areas

If you look for other photos and videos of wildfires, it quickly becomes clear: the flames don’t stop at the trees. That’s how it is in one Posting on X (formerly Twitter) is another Cell phone video To see, it mainly shows burning trees on the horizon. This also proves Media reports, Many photos And Scientist.

There are even in one Network light A video released by the British Columbia Forest Fire Service (BC Wildfire Service) shows trees burning in several places. A spokesperson for the BC Forest Fire Service confirmed AFP news agency And “most of the trees” were destroyed in the fire.

Meanwhile, the forecast for the burned area looks bleak: “The soil here is very dry and it will become even drier with climate change. “There is no chance of new trees growing in much of the devastated area,” explained wildfire ecologist Robert Gray. Canadian Press. As resilient shrubs and animals gradually return in search of food, one characteristic of the region will long disappear: tall trees.

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It depends on how the wood burns Many factors Weather, time of day and season, soil moisture, as well as the age and type of tree. Even those planted by humans monocultures Encourage forest fires at certain stages. However, some types of wood rarely burn. Cyprus For example, they can retain moisture particularly well and for a long time, so they are considered a natural barrier against fire.

Conspiracy myths that claim to use energy weapons

Days before the wildfires near West Kelowna, the fire destroyed parts of the US island of Maui (Hawaii). In this case, social media users are spreading wrong ideas Conspiracy theories Through targeted ignition of fire Energy weaponsIn order to rule the island as a “Smart City” in the future with artificial intelligence (AI). Similar conspiracy myths are being circulated regarding the clip from Canada.

The cause of the fire has been revealed Canadian Press Still under investigation. However, there is no evidence to support the claim that the fire was caused by “energy weapons”.

(As on September 28, 2023)