July 15, 2024

Ashes from wildfires in Canada sky home

Ashes from wildfires in Canada sky home

September just ended, which brought the highest values ​​in measurement history, and October is already around the corner with lots of sunshine. “The whole of Styria is warm on Monday and Tuesday,” says Friedrich Wolfelmayer from Geosphere Austria. Temperatures up to 26 degrees are expected.

There may be records in the north

This means that previous daily highs may be higher in some places. “In the northern part of the Alps and in parts of Upper Styria we are approaching the October record temperature of 27 degrees,” Wölfelmaier said. It will be warm in the south, but previous records (28°C in Deutschlandsberg in early October) will probably not be exceeded.

Slow down from mid-week

The high pressure area will be briefly interrupted by a cold front during the night from Wednesday or Tuesday into Wednesday. There is a chance of showers, but they should be light, according to Wölfelmaier. The temperature will “drop” to 17 to 20 degrees. The sun will shine again and temperatures will rise across Stria from Thursday.

Check it out over the weekend

20 to 24 degrees over the weekend. “Although it’s usually five to eight degrees in the morning in the north of Styria and eight to ten degrees in the south, it can be exceptionally hot during the day,” says Wölfelmaier. According to the meteorologist, October is “definitely too warm”. Also, the hot weather is expected to last till the middle of next week.

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Dust from Canada

Finally, an interesting event: last weekend, a high concentration of various ash particles was observed in the mountains of Austria. The poor visibility was attributed to particles from Canada. It is a remnant of a severe forest fire in North America that has now reached Europe. According to Wölfelmaier, this phenomenon can be seen primarily in satellite images at Sonnblick.