July 13, 2024

Dipper Mac streaming and recording Mac audio › ifun.de

Dipper Mac streaming and recording Mac audio › ifun.de

The new Mac app dipper It presents itself as a comprehensive tool for recording or streaming Mac audio. On the other hand, the application can act as a virtual microphone and in this way redirects audio output from programs running on the Mac to streaming applications such as OBS or video chat programs. Alternatively, Dipper can also be used to record and save audio streams running on a Mac.

Audio Mixer in the menu bar

Dipper can be downloaded from the Mac App Store and uses interfaces provided by macOS for screen and audio recording. The application is placed in the menu bar and from there it provides the option to select one or more applications as the sound source. If required, it is also possible to adjust the volume levels for individual applications to obtain a harmonious end result. You can also use the built-in microphone on your Mac or an existing iOS device as an external microphone and include it in the mix.

To hand over to the broadcast application, you must also install a driver provided by the application developer. For more information, please refer to the available directions ready. If you only want to save the system audio, you can choose between AIFF, AAC, and WAV formats via the app’s settings. The recordings are then stored locally at the desired location on the computer as high quality audio recordings with 48 kHz and 24 bits.

dipper 2

Test for free before you buy

Dipper is currently available in version 1.0 and at €34.99 for the full version it is likely to target ambitious users. Fortunately, you can test the app completely free of charge before purchasing it. In demo mode, only short silent sequences repeatedly punctuate the recorded audio.

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Dipper is also behind the open source project Black hole Popular developer Devin Roth, who released the first beta version of the app in February.

Download from the App Store

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