September 30, 2023

Deus Ex: The New (Unofficial) Update is causing a lot of disappointment

The former sci-fi brand Deus Ex has gone rather quiet lately. Now there’s finally another update (albeit an unofficial one), but that doesn’t bode well for now.

Anyone waiting anxiously for positive news from the sci-fi brand Deus Ex will be disappointed right now. While the official rights holders have been stubbornly silent about how the franchise will continue, another source has now spoken out.

What is meant in this case is Elias Toufixis, who is the spokesperson for the hero, Adam Jensen. After peace returns to the franchise, he has now spoken and more or less confirms that the continuation of Jensen’s story after the final installment of The Division of Mankind may not have been planned.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was released in 2016 and received very good reviews – including an excellent cyberpunk atmosphere. However, the sales figures unfortunately fell short of expectations – and that doesn’t necessarily increase the chances of a sequel despite the cliffhanger at the end of the game.

Now Toufexis confirms that he’s definitely not working on a new Deus Ex at the moment. Such a game could certainly be created without his participation, but voice actor Adam Jensen spoke the last two times. It is therefore considered somewhat unlikely that it will not be included in another sequel. Or translated: The message from Tofixis isn’t necessarily the one action fans hoped for.

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And this despite the fact that at the end of last year, knowledgeable journalist Jason Schreyer confirmed that the new Deus Ex should be in an early stage of development. If something like this does happen — and it’s entirely possible given Schreyer’s excellent network — the title is still so far from publication that we’re not (yet) dependent on Toufexis at the moment. But you know, that can still change! In any case, it remains to be hoped that the new Deus Ex, unlike Jason Schreier’s previous one, won’t be canceled entirely in the meantime.

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