July 12, 2024

After the problems: Apple stops updating the new HomeKit build

After the problems: Apple stops updating the new HomeKit build

After several reports of problems with the new HomeKit update, an Apple It appears that the option to upgrade to the new build is currently off. However, there are still no official confirmations that the update has been pulled.

A few days ago, we reported on the issues users encountered after updating their smart home settings when they did iOS16.2 installed and then thereafter HomeKit infrastructure has been updated. It often happened that the devices in the network could no longer be addressed.

According to reports, only removing and re-adding the affected device helped.
The innovation is announced in the application

The latest iOS 16.2 update caused these issues for some HomeKit users. However, it is not yet known how widespread the error is. Apple has not confirmed the issue or addressed potential issues in the documentation. Now, without any such documentation or confirmation, it appears that Apple has stopped the update and removed the option from the Home app.

Notifications have been removed

Since the launch of iOS 16.2, users have received a notification in the Home app that a Home upgrade is available for them. This update request indicated that “Home now has a new infrastructure that should improve your network performance”. If the update has not yet been performed, the indication of the new architecture and possible upgrade will not appear.

The update is no longer visible

There is no longer a way to update the build as before. Apple only had new information about the update shortly before it made this decision to stop updating Changes to HomeKit support documentation released. However, don’t read anything about known bugs there.

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