July 15, 2024

Edge comes with an offline extension for Google Docs

Edge comes with an offline extension for Google Docs

July 11, 2023 –
Since build 114.0.1823.58, the Microsoft browser installs the Google Docs offline extension without notifying users and activates it automatically when the user navigates to Google Docs.

Microsoft surprisingly introduced its Edge browser with a pre-installed extension for Google Docs since build 114.0.1823.58, which apparently surprised a number of users. Other than that, it is not uncommon for a browser to be bundled with third party extensions by the manufacturer. Initially released on June 22, 2023 Microsoft didn’t even report the surprise gift, but it has now been compensated.

In the Stable Edge channel release notes It now says, among other things: “Google Docs Offline is an extension provided by Google that allows users to work with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive without access to the Internet. This extension also provides advanced cut, copy, and paste functionality across all Google services Editors. The Google Docs offline extension is pre-installed and turned off by default for Microsoft Edge users. When a user navigates to Google Docs, the extension is automatically launched.” Administrators can prevent automatic extension installation using the ExtensionSettings and ExtensionInstallBlocklist policies. Favorite

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