Despite criticism, the company wants to continue to stick to the NFT platform

From Michael Misculin
Ubisoft wants to continue to stick with the heavily criticized Quartz NFT platform. The company listened to both approval and concerns.

NFT . platform Quartz Ubisoft has received a lot of criticism. The numbers are also said to be more than ridiculous: they should have remained like this until a few days ago Only 15 NFT sold for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. However, the company intends to continue to adhere to the NFT platform.

In an interview with DecodeDidier Genevois, Blockchain Technical Director at Ubisoft, explained that the company wants to stay true to its principles. “We’ve had a lot of backlash since the announcement and hear encouragement and concern,” Genevois said. “We understand the reserved feelings about technology and we have to take it into account every step of the way.”

Genevois continued: “This experience is meant to help us understand how our players accept and offer decentralization. We know it’s a big change that will take time, but we will stick to our three principles.” According to Genevois, these three principles are “using technology responsibly” so that players can discover NFTs for themselves in a secure environment, “using energy-efficient blockchains for proof of stake” and last but not least, focusing on “meaningful offerings.” Focus that aims to “leverage the gaming experience of gamers.”

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Despite flowery marketing promises, the value that NFTs should have in the gaming experience is still in the stars. Also worth noting is the Decrypt-related interview, where the website finally wrote on a banner that it wanted to remove the myth of the decentralized web. So Ubisoft will continue to experiment with NFT for a little longer. Fortunately, no one is forced to jump in the wagon.

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those: Decode

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