March 2, 2024

20210728 Android 13 Icon

Android 13 – Early version introduces new functions

In October, Google did Android 12 chest. Completely redesigned Android operating system with new design and features. Stands for foldable phones Android 12 for Ready as a trial version. And now there is already an early build of Android 13 tiramisu.

Android 13 – Early Build von „Tiramisu“

Both XDA Developers It gives a first glimpse of the upcoming features of Android 13.

Application languages ​​in Android 13

On Android, it was possible to change the language from the start. However, the selection so far applies to all applications on the smartphone. Multilingual users should be satisfied with only one language. With Android 13, it will be possible for users to set their own language for each app. The new functionality is shown as “Application Languages” in Settings under “Language and Input”. Additional access to the functionality will be possible via Application Information.

20211225 Android 13 2
(Image source: XDA)

Notification Permissions

Every installed app has the ability to send notifications automatically. With a large number of applications installed, this can turn into outright spam. So far, the issue has to be bypassed via the channels of notification and importance. It is also possible to deactivate notifications. However, with Android 13, Google could take another step against unwanted notification messages. New runtime license “POST_NOTIFICATIONS” has been added. This means that notifications under Android 13 become OPT-IN function. This means that the app must ask the user (once) for permission to send notifications.

20211225 Android 13 3 |

TARE – Android resource economy

20211225 Android 13 4
20211225 Android 13 5

spear screen clock layout

With Android 13, the layout of the clock on the lock screen will be customizable.

20211225 Android 13 6
There are also indications that changing the layout of the clock on the lock screen could already be coming in Android 12L.