Data protection: Microsoft Edge sends almost all visited websites to Bing

Bug in Edge

The feature is optional and can also be deactivated via browser settings. However, it is on by default. So the ignorant could practically not know it and still use it, even though it would obviously require approval.

The function is called via a get request when the browser is started. According to hackermchackface This returns a json file containing a whitelist of tracked apps and pages. These are popular domains like Instagram and Youtube. Problem: After visiting one of these pages, all URLs visited after that are also redirected to

User writes: “It doesn’t matter if it’s a local domain or even an IP address. The full URL of every page you next visit is sent to Bing.” In addition, clicked links, logins, and subdomains are also redirected.

According to Microsoft developer Rafael Rivera, the journal I called The Verge This was most likely a mistake. Rivera said Microsoft has no intention of redirecting all pages. “The intention was apparently to notify Bing when you are on certain pages like Youtube, The Verge, and Reddit. But this doesn’t seem to work correctly, and instead the browser sends almost every domain you visit to Bing.”

As of now, Microsoft has not fixed the issue yet. Function Show suggestions for following Creator in Microsoft Edge But users can deactivate them via browser settings. This works through the search functionality built into Settings or via the Settings tab > Privacy, Search and Services > Services (located at the bottom of the page) > Disable Show next creator suggestions in Microsoft Edge

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