May 18, 2024

Darkest Dungeon II – Things are going to be rough again on consoles this summer

Developer Red Hook Studios has announced that Darkest Dungeon II is coming to consoles next July, offering another dose of turn-based RPG action. During your journey, you must take care of the physical and mental strength of your heroes while facing the horrors that lie on the way. Meanwhile, the world is on the brink of collapse, and every decision you make could have dire consequences. In addition to the base game's five Confessions campaigns, which feature different boss battles and 14 playable heroes, Darkest Dungeon II will launch on PlayStation at the same time as The Binding Blade DLC, which includes playable heroes The Duelist and The Crusader as well as a mini-boss The wandering “Warlord”.
Darkest Dungeon II also features a metagame hub called Altar of Hope, ten companions, and optional difficulty modifiers available as equippable items.

The game promises a wealth of content to dive into when it launches July 15 It was released for PS5, PS4 and Xbox. It is already available for PC.

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