May 27, 2024

Nintendo games via AirPlay on the big screen ›

With the help of the App Store alternative, which has been available in European Union countries since last week Alternative store You can also use a Nintendo emulator Delta to install. If your iPhone's screen is too small for a round of classic Tetris or something else you've played on classic consoles, you can also use your TV screen or Mac to play.

But before everyone cheers, there's another important warning. There are serious legal problems associated with the use of such emulators. There are no games included, and if you do not have the so-called ROMs required for this purpose and, above all, the required usage rights, no game will be possible – downloading from any websites is illegal.

Delta emulator supports screen mirroring via AirPlay. So first open Control Center on iPhone and activate the method Described here by Apple Screen mirroring function. You can then run the Delta emulator on your iPhone and the app will register that a separate monitor has been set for video output. The Delta app image now splits and you can see the same game on the big screen of your Mac or your Apple TV, while the controls are still on your iPhone screen.

Delta App Airplay Controller

For a better gaming feel, you can now convert your iPhone to landscape format and the control panel and buttons will be displayed wider and easier to reach. For a perfect retro gaming setup, you can now connect an external game console. Playing with a virtual controller is only partly fun because you always have to keep an eye on the controls because you can't feel them. In addition to well-known consoles from Sony and Microsoft, the Delta emulator also supports many MFi certified devices.

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Delta emulator is also available in the US App Store

We've already talked about that mentionedUsing AltStore charges an annual fee of €1.79. The developer thus covers costs that arise from running the App Store and from fees such as Apple's core technology fees. Alternatively, if you have a US App Store account, you can also use the Delta emulator Download there.