July 13, 2024

Customer service crashes – Tinder blocks users – and owes an explanation – the news

Customer service crashes – Tinder blocks users – and owes an explanation – the news


The introductory app feeds customers with record responses after their accounts are blocked. Specific questions remain unanswered.

Tinder prides itself on being the “most popular” and “most versatile” dating and introductory app. One has to offer something for everyone and light “fire for all”. On the other hand, the app’s customer service appears to be working on a back burner. At least that’s how User Daniel went through (name changed). Tinder put his account on hold overnight. Violated terms of use or community guidelines. And you do not accept such violations only.

Defense is useless

Daniel, he says, is unaware of any guilt and has therefore asked for Tinder’s support multiple times. He wants to know the reason for his account being suspended. The answers almost always return the same, noting that there is no formal appointment procedure. Those who have been blocked can no longer log into Tinder using their Facebook account or phone number.

For Daniel, this type of customer contact is incomprehensible: “I’m not an angel, maybe I did something wrong,” he told SRF consumer magazine “Espresso.” “But I don’t think it’s fair that we just prevent without giving an explanation.”

Suddenly opening again

With Daniel stuck supporting Tinder, “Espresso” knocks the dating app. And here it is: Soon after the request, the account was opened. Tinder apologizes for the inconvenience in an email to Daniel. But the company still owes an explanation as to why his account was banned. Even when he asked Daniel several times, there was no answer to that question.

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No transparency when it comes to bans

“Espresso” also bites the granite in the dating giant: the German PR agency, responsible for Tinder communications in German-speaking countries, simply refers to the terms of use and Tinder rules. One could not say more about it – the user in question received all the necessary information. The quote, based on emails Daniel has received from Tinder and “Espresso,” sounds ridiculous.

There may be understandable reasons why Tinder does not want to inform those affected when an account is banned: If Member A reports member B to Tinder, for example because Member B has sent slippery messages, then it is theoretically possible for B to discover that Or mentioned by prof. But the fact that users were left in the dark in a way like in Daniel’s case shows questionable indifference towards the members – especially when people have been wrongly blocked.