For the first time in the United States, an Aboriginal woman becomes a minister

For the first time, a Native American actor heads the Ministry. The fact that Deep Haaland heads the most important authority on Indian issues gives this first view additional significance. Politician from New Mexico made her way from a poor background.

Deb Haaland, the new US Secretary of the Interior, at the Senate hearing in February.


At her US Senate hearing in February, she made clear from the first moment that Deep Haaland was not an ordinary politician. She explained that you are here in Washington on the ancestral land of Nacotchtank and Piscataway. The mention of the peoples of the American East Coast, exterminated by white colonists, may have strengthened many of Halland’s opponents in their reservations. This was a very extreme candidate, Republicans say, after President Biden was nominated by President Biden to head the Department of the Interior. Their stern refusal to explore for oil and gas on state territory is especially controversial. By 51-40 votes, Haaland had just managed to get confirmation from the Senate on Monday night.

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