June 21, 2024

florence residences

Why Am I Living in Florence Residences?

Every person wants to live in luxurious and safe places, but it does not come true for every person. People are thought that the residence life experience is gained only for the rich ones. But it is not like that, many residences have reasonable prices. So, don’t think the residence life is only for business or rich people. Talking about the residences, there are lots of benefits given by these residences. Most of the residences are giving their residences more expensive despite some of the residences are make the residences with reasonable prices. Student residences are not only built with just rooms or offices but also it builds with unique relationships with the students. The residences not only play the essential role for students’ life and also it plays a crucial role in every situation.


What are the features are present in Florence Residences? 


And the florence residences is one of the reasonable pricing residences which is located in Singapore. And it had the most popularity in the country. The Florence residence is based on the condominium project type and this residence’s developer is Logan property company private limited. The tenure is a 99-year leasehold. And they target the completion year is 2023. After many successful launches, the former Florence regency reached $629 million in October 2017. The “building a better life” development adopts the “club condo” concept. It has 15 themed pavilions with 12 clubs in the biophilic landscape which has the 80m lagoon pool features.

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Location of Florence Residence


The Florence residence is located in district 19 at Hougang Avenue 2. And the upper Serangoon road is an attractive feature in the Florence residence. Furthermore, there are multiple educational advantages given by the Florence residences. And these benefits are explained below.


The proximity of services


When we live in the residences we expect all of the things to be reached. Yes, the residences give the rich look with lots of features. Everything is near such as sports facilities, libraries, academic events, transportation, classes, and grocery stores. The sensational activities and activities are presented in the heart of the student’s life. Residents are chosen between the academic, cultural, and social activities. Living in calmful residences, students are focused on their studies without worrying about the economic concepts. The Florence residence condo is located next to Serangoon junior college. The the florence residences price is very affordable compared to the other residences. For further details contact this phone number in each post: +65 61007757


Sensational Events and Activities


When you live in the residences it will give the peaceful surroundings which are presented with the greeny location. Strong communities, lots of halls, and room choices are presented in the amazing locations and just some of the benefits are gained with living with us. They are also developing the residence with multiple benefits such as transportation benefits, school, colleges, public places. And lots of the benefits are gained by living in Florence residences. They are located in the residence in the main palace of the city. So, we don’t worry about the safety issues. Most of the halls have peer supporters who are trained to provide the space to talk and listen to.  The attractive florence residences floor plan is given by this residence.

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