October 5, 2023

Was Gabi Pettito murdered by the serial killer - her fiancé is innocent?

Was Gabi Pettito murdered by the serial killer – her fiancé is innocent?

Are the police looking for the wrong person? In the case of Gabi Pettito (22) suddenly there is talk of a serial killer.

The basics in brief

  • Police are looking for Gabi Pettito’s fiancé.
  • The 23-year-old has been on the run since her body was found.
  • But now investigators are suddenly speculating about a serial killer.

The tragic fate of Gabi Pettito (22) continues to be of concern to the United States. The police are still searching for her missing person Fiancé Brian Laundry (23).

But there has now been a twist in the case on social media. Investigators wonder: Was Gabe murdered by a serial killer in Wyoming?

Coffeelife2020 wrote: “I think not enough attention has been given to the idea.” reddit.

Background Assumption: Two more people were recently killed in the area where Gabby’s body was found. So now people are wondering if the serial killer is about to do harm in the area.

Gabi Pettito: A friend who’s still on the run

At the police station There is also a lot of firm belief that Laundry Gabe was murdered, it is said. “When compelling evidence that he is not guilty is shown, it becomes especially frustrating for everyone,” warns the author.

Gabe and fiancé Laundry went on a tour of America together that summer. But the latter returned home alone from a road trip in early September.

The police are leaving of killing She hopes to get answers from Laundry.

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