June 14, 2024

President of "Bild" Reichiltt takes legal action against "SPIEGEL"

President of “Bild” Reichiltt takes legal action against “SPIEGEL”

The Hamburg News Magazine mentioned in an article about the alleged affairs and abuse of power by Julian Reichelt. Now he wants to defend himself legally: the authors would not have confronted him with these allegations in advance. Leave can be taken for the duration of the investigation.

Not connected? Bild Editor-in-Chief Julian Reichelt wants legal action against SPIEGEL.

Horst Jalushka / Imago Stocks and People

Bild editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt will take legal action against SPIEGEL. NZZ learned this Saturday from its environment. The 40-year-old Hamburg News Magazine did not confront the allegations it published about the alleged relationships and abuse of power before its latest report. Thus the SPIEGEL report (“Birds, Promotion, Fire”) is an unacceptable form of reporting suspicious activity. Late on Saturday evening, Reichilt’s employer, Axel Springer SE, announced that he had “asked the board of directors to do so until accusations of a time-off from his job for a limited period. The exemption has now been made.” Alexandra Würzburg will be managing editor.

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