Church of England criticism – Archbishop: British refugee policy is not in the spirit of God – News

  • The spiritual leader of the Church of England has strongly criticized Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda in East Africa during their application process.
  • Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, said in his Easter sermon that handing over responsibility to another country is not in the spirit of God.
  • The British conservative government announced this week that it had signed a similar agreement with Rwanda.

Details are a matter of politics. But the principle must withstand God’s judgment, and the Archbishop cannot “criticize and satisfy British refugee policy in his sermon. The spiritual leader of the Anglican Church said that assigning responsibility to another state is “the opposite of God’s nature, who himself has taken responsibility for our failure.” The Archbishop of Canterbury is unusually conspicuous the front pages of many British newspapers on Easter Sunday.


The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby led the singer’s Easter mass at Canterbury Cathedral in Kent on Easter Sunday.

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Human rights activists and the opposition also expressed their dissatisfaction with this “brutal and brutal” plan. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees warned that the plans “contradict the spirit and letter of the Geneva Refugee Convention”.

It was revealed over the weekend that the home secretary and conservative hardliner Priti Patel had dismissed a senior official’s concerns with a rarely used private directive. Senior officials at the Home Office, the agency responsible for immigration policy, had previously expressed concerns about the policy but Home Minister Patel overturned it.

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