November 28, 2023

Canada: Can a school principal be an Iron Maiden fan?

Canada: Can a school principal be an Iron Maiden fan?

What can a public school principal do in her spare time? If, like Sharon Burns, the principal of Eden High School in Ontario, Canada, in the metal band Iron Maiden, she has pictures of fan paraphernalia and a “fries fork,” and even uses the number 666, some parents want her to be moved. The other parents received a petition requesting a transfer from the concerned parents with a corresponding request. Sharon Burns is allowed to stay. And they continue to celebrate their love of Metal and Alaska.

If you add to their self-description Twitter Believe, the president of the university loves the public Aden secondary school In Ontario music genres are metall and ska as well as chicken. While the chickens should already have reason to complain, the photos that sparked outrage were the ones that showed Burns’ fondness for metal in general and Iron Maiden in particular.

While the university president posted on Twitter mainly photos and posts from school and sports events as well as calls for food donations, for example, she had on instagram Two pictures of himself and a car full of devotional material for the fans of the group iron maiden – Including skull and number 666 – published. They are using “”BoomsGabel“Forming by hand was too much for some parents.

They set up one petition One to get Sharon Burns promoted from Eden High School. Fortunately, the counter-petition from the parents who did not allow themselves to panic about a supposed demonic headmistress, soon got far more votes than the original. Petition for deportation made a lot of people wonder In any year We already live. Obviously in one where the job of the beholder can falter because people are afraid of numbers out of their accounts and French forks away from the takeaway.

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