December 10, 2023

Canada: Trudeau welcomes pope's apology

Canada: Trudeau welcomes pope’s apology

“One Step Forward”: Justin Trudeau evaluates the Pope’s call for forgiveness for the Canadian people. The Prime Minister of Canada welcomed Francis’ words.

The pope welcomed representatives of the “first nations”, the Inuit and the Medes at the Vatican on Friday. He expressed “anger and shame” at the so-called “residential schools” in Canada in the 19th and 20th centuries about the compulsory re-education of Canadian natives. “On behalf of the Catholic Church, I apologize to God,” Francis said. Approximately 140 “residential schools” were run by many Catholics.

Pope Benedict XVI acknowledged the truth about our past so that it could correct past mistakes. “But there is still a lot to do.” He is looking forward to Francis’ announced visit to Canada.

“Cultural Genocide”

In 2015, the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission classified the country’s long-standing policy of forcible integration of indigenous peoples as “cultural genocide”. Since May last year, the graves of about 1,300 children and youth have been found near several former residential schools. This caused a great stir beyond Canada.

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

“The sad reality of the ‘residential school’ system will always be a dark place in Canadian history,” he said. Many organizations, including the Canadian government and the Catholic Church, “maintain and maintain” these schools.

“Historic and Emotional Day for Indigenous Peoples across Canada”

Governor General Mary Simon on Friday called the Pope’s visitors “a historic and emotional day for tribes across Canada.” The pope’s call for forgiveness is “a step on the path to reconciliation”. Simon was the first aboriginal woman to hold the position represented by the nominal leader of Queen Elizabeth II in Canada.

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