June 20, 2024

Canada beat Slovakia to advance to the semifinals

Canada is confident in the semifinals.Image: Keystone

Canada will face Switzerland in the semi-finals of the Ice Hockey World Championship in the Czech Republic. Switzerland will face the defending champions again in Prague on Saturday after Sweden won their quarter-final match against Olympic champions Finland 2-1 after extra time. In the second semi-final, undefeated Sweden and the Czech Republic face off.

World Cup Semi-Finals:

Saturday, 2:20pm: Czech Republic v Sweden
Saturday, 6:20 pm: Canada v Switzerland

Canada – Slovakia 6:3

The Canadians started like fire engines in the first quarter-final in Prague, already leading 2-0 after four minutes. After a double strike in 20 seconds from 3:1 to 5:1 in the 47th minute, the NHL team definitely set the path to victory – and thus to the semi-finals.

After the Canadians suffered their only loss in the group stage so far this World Cup, 2:3, another showdown with Switzerland will be on Saturday.

Canada – Slovakia 6:3 (2:1, 1:0, 3:2)
Prague. – 17,275 visitors. – SR Frano/Koukokari (CZE/FIN), Brigandy/Junde (USA/LAT).
Gates: 3. McCann (Parayco) 1-0. 5. Dubois (Byram, Tavares) 2:0. 8. Sehlaric (Slafkowski) 2:1. 4. Paul (Bedard, Guenther) 3:1. 47. (46:20) Guenther (Paul, Hagel) 4:1. 47. (46:40) Tanev (Severson, Mercer) 5:1. 48. (47:08) Kelmen (Regenda) 5:2. 57. Hrivik (Hudacek, Nemec/Exclusion Bedard) 5:3. 60. (59:10) Paul 6:3 (on empty target).
Punishment: 5 times 2 minutes against Canada, 6 times 2 minutes against Slovakia.

USA – Czech Republic 0:1

A single goal was enough for the Czech Republic in the quarterfinals against the United States. Just before midway through the game, NHL striker Pavel Sacha scored on layups from National League players Michael Spacek and Roman Cervenka — a strange hit in which the puck somehow rolled over the line. As a result, America cut the teeth of Anaheim goalkeeper Lucas Dostel and had some bad luck with a few hits on the edge of the goal.

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USA – Czech Republic 0:1 (0:0, 0:1, 0:0)
Prague. – 17,413 visitors. – SR Björk/Campbell (SWE/CAN), Wyonzek/Yletyinen (CAN/SWE).
Target: 27. Zacha (Spasek, Cervenka/Exclusion Zegros) 0:1.
Punishment: 2 times 2 minutes against USA, 3 times 2 minutes against Czech Republic.

Sweden – Finland 2:1n.V.

The match between rivals Sweden and Finland was also action packed. Sweden took a long time to get their teeth into the more well-structured Finnish defence. But a 1-0 goal five minutes before the end looked like salvation. But Finland still had an answer ready: Hannes Björninen equalized again with 58 seconds to go.

In extra time, a controversial penalty decision was awarded against Finland. Joel Eriksson scored on a 4-on-3 power play to give Sweden the win.

Sweden – Finland 2:1 (0:0, 0:0, 1:1, 1:0) at
Ostrava. – 6691 visitors. – SR Ansons/MacFarlane (LAT/USA), Briganti/Hynek (USA/CZE).
Gates: 56. Tallinn (Lundestrom) 1-0. 60. (59:02) Björninen (Puustinen, Lehtonen) 1:1. 66. Eriksson (Hedman, Tallinn) 2:1.
Punishment: 1 time 2 minutes against Sweden, 4 times 2 minutes against Finland. (abu/sda)

Best pictures of the 2024 Ice Hockey World Cup


Best pictures of the 2024 Ice Hockey World Cup

Like a turtle on his back: Dane goalie Frederik Dicho limped hopelessly against Switzerland.

Source: Keystone / Peter Schneider

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Austria pulls off the impossible at the Ice Hockey World Cup – commentators shocked

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