February 22, 2024

Canada and America withdraw from the Winter Deaf Olympics – Dovecote

Written by: José de Winde, Turquoise

The United States Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF) announced that the United States will not participate in the 20th Deaf Olympic Winter Games in Erzurum, Turkey, in March 2024. According to USADSF, this decision is due to a lack of reliable and timely information about venues and schedules.

Over the past seven months, USADSF has been in regular contact with the International Committee for Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) to make preparations for the Deaf Olympic Winter Games. However, the ADF did not receive timely responses to their questions. After considering the security and financial risks, USADSF has now decided not to participate.

The Canadian Deaf Sports Association (CDSA) announced its withdrawal from the Deaf Winter Games on November 15. The situation in the Middle East is very uncertain for the Association. According to CDSA, other countries have also decided to withdraw their national teams.

Deaflympics and the International Center for Sustainable Development only announced on November 2nd that the 20th Winter Deaflympics will be held in Erzurum. This means that countries that want to participate in this Deaflympics only have a few months to make all the preparations, which is a very short deadline and a challenge.

The organizing team of Deaflympics and ICSD have not yet responded to this situation. It is also not yet known whether the Dutch Deaf Sports Society (KNDSB) will participate in the Deaf Winter Games.

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