June 17, 2024

Only Adam Bengili voted against Russia and Putin

Only Adam Bengili voted against Russia and Putin

eDoes anyone remember Adam Bingley? This was the great pilot from Great Britain, who fell head over heels in an ice channel for years – and in 2016 tried to hit his head against a wall.

That summer, just before the Olympics opened in Rio de Janeiro, Bingley was the only illustrious IOC member to refuse to agree to diaper rite sanctions against Russian sport after it was revealed that doping was being pursued as becoming a state issue.

Pengilly wanted more, complete closure. The rest: Yes men, they nodded uncritically at what the CEO of Thomas Bach had told them. What happened to Pengilly? Two years later, he was brought home from the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in disgrace due to an exaggerated incident involving a security guard.

But now he does not feel ashamed. All his fellow subordinates who betrayed the 2016 Olympics are terrified. Looking at the IOC’s still tactical, we call: Adam Bingley for President!

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