June 20, 2024

Quarter-final rounds.  Biel makes a big turn ++ wins Friborg and Rappi++ Simion offsets Zug against Lugano.

Quarter-final rounds. Biel makes a big turn ++ wins Friborg and Rappi++ Simion offsets Zug against Lugano.

Game 2 also got into the action between Biel and the ZSC Lions.

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Friborg and Rapperzoil celebrated their home win at the start of the quarter-final series. Champion Zug beats only Lugano in overtime and turns Bale 0:3 into 4:3 against the ZSC Lions. for the tour.

Today’s games at a glance

The rather beautiful victory of Zog

Defending champion Zug starts the quarter-finals with a tough victory. The qualifier winner beat Lugano 2-1 after extra time. Dario Simeone was responsible for the decision in the 66th minute. Overall, it was a great win for the central Switzerland, who had all lost their last five qualifying matches.

In the 39th minute, Gregory Hoffman replaced the majority of the 7,200 spectators in the all-sold arena at a 1:0 ratio for the EVZ. Progress after 40 minutes was good. Although the Zugers had a long break early in the game, they made their mark on the match in the second third.

The Bianconeri’s equalizer in the 57th minute was well deserved by Justin Abdelkader, who played for EVZ last season. The shot ratio in favor of Luganese in the last division was 13:3. Thanks to goalkeeper Leonardo Genone, the hosts had not led 1-1 before that. Lugano lost to Zug for the sixth time in a row.

Converts Biel 0:3 to 4:3

In the series, which began on Wednesday, Bale increased his win to 2-0 by beating the ZSC Lions 4-3 after overtime (having been 0-3 behind) and a thrilling match. For 39 minutes, the ZSC Lions showed a very strong reaction at 4:5 on Wednesday. Zurich advanced 3-0 until the 39th minute. The goals were scored by Denis Malgin, Denis Hollenstein and Justin Siegrist. Bill Yannick Rathgup’s back wasn’t quite as good at this point. Rathgeb was in the penalty area for the first two goals conceded, and he looked bad against Sigrist at 0:3.

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In the end, that was no longer a problem, as Bale made a super comeback thanks to goals from Mike Konzel (39), Jerry Salinen (43) and Fabio Hofer (60). Pillars could have won the match in the original time. In the final section, they first played (when the score was 2:3) an unsuccessful power game for about three minutes. After Fabio Hofer’s (lucky) goal 35 seconds left, Bale had three more chances to score before the end of normal time.

In the end, it wasn’t long before the decision was made in overtime. Tony Ragala shoots the EHCB after 186 seconds

Lakers start with a convincing win

The Rapperswil-Jona Lakers get off to a perfect start in the playoffs. The Lakers beat HC Davos 4:3 in the all-sold-out Lido. The Lakers proved their clear superiority in Game 1 for a long time. They dominated the first 40 minutes with a 26:11 shot on goal. Only in the final section, when Davos had to take more risks, did the match come to an end – and things got dramatic again.

First without a goalkeeper, and later with a goalkeeper again, but in the majority twice, Matthias Brümy and Dominic Igli reduced Davos from 1:4 to 3:4 in 87 seconds. Four minutes left Davos. In these, Davyd Barandun hit the crossbar for HCD. In the end, I did well to finish off, praising Davos because the defeat was well deserved.

Friborg plays against Lausanne

HC Friborg-Gottéron, who finished qualifying with six defeats, is recovering at the start of qualifying. Freiburg beat Lausanne 2-0. Kylian Mutit 24 seconds before the start of the first half in strong play, Andre Picot scored in the 33rd (!) goals of Gutieron. Two defenders from Lausanne blocked the short man’s path, enabling Bykow to counterattack. Freiburg goalkeeper Reto Beira came to close and scored 35 balls.

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After four playoffs, Hockey Club Lausanne has to realize that there is a shortage of insult. The four goals in the third inning last Tuesday against Embry (1-1 to 5-1) proved to be flashes in the pan three days later. Lausanne dominated the match with a 35:22 shot on goal, but could not find a way to bypass Freiburg’s defense. Even the mixing and mixing of all the offensive lines did not achieve (yet) Lausanne the desired success.