World Cup matches on Saturday – Sweden and Czech Republic with mandatory win – Kazakhstan goes down – Sports

  • Denmark just missed the “Stängeli” match against Kazakhstan. On the other hand, Sweden scored only 3 goals against Austria.
  • The Czech Republic only starts scoring goals against Great Britain in the middle of the match, but comfortably wins in the end.
  • Germany snatched Olympic revenge against Slovakia, while hosts Finland struggled for a 2-1 win over Latvia.

Group A

Denmark 9-1 Kazakhstan – Yuri Michaels did not envy. After only 4 minutes, the Kazakh coach had to take a break. His team had already conceded two goals at that point. After the match 0: 3, Kazakhstan was slightly affected, but in the middle third the Danes pressed the gas pedal again and scored 4 more goals. In the end, Heinz Eilers narrowly missed “Stängeli”. Instead of advancing 10-0 with a majority, the Kazakh team scored the consolation goal with 1:23 minutes before the end of the match.

Slovakia 1-2 Germany Two goals in the second half were enough for Germany against Slovakia to avenge its 4-0 defeat at the Olympic Games. Matthias Blachta (22) and Leonhard Pföderl (27) while being honored with “Helsingen jahali” scored the two goals for coach Toni Soderholm’s team, who maintained the upper hand despite the fewer goals (16:29). Former HCD striker Christian Pospisil was responsible for Slovakia’s only goal in the 31st minute.

group b

Sweden 3-1 Austria – Sweden started the World Cup with a relatively small victory. Tre Kronor beat Austria with only two goals. Former Bale player Peter Schneider cut the difference to 1:2 before the break in the first third. Joachim Nordstrom scored in the 33rd minute. In the last third, the Austrians, together with coach Roger Bader and assistant coach Arno del Corto, challenged the Swedes with a draw.

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Czech Republic 5-1 Great Britain – After some initial difficulties, the Czech Republic managed to achieve a decent victory over the outsiders Great Britain. The knot only blew in the 28th minute. Matej Blummel made the score 1-0. Jacob Flick made it 2-0 (min. 33) before the Czechs moved into the last third. After Blummel’s second goal to make the score 5-0, he finished in the 49th minute. Shortly thereafter, Ben Lake scored only a consolation goal for the British. Lakers striker Roman Cervenca did not score himself, but he managed to get three assists.

Latvia 1-2 Finland – A day after beating Norway 5-0 without any problems, Finland had a lot of trouble on the second day of the tournament to get three points in the budget against Latvia. It wasn’t until the 58th minute when Mikael Granlund scored the much-acclaimed winning goal for the hosts. His Swiss teammate Romain José managed his shot in good standing when he was outnumbered. The 2019 world champion trailed Balten in the ninth minute, and Sakari Maninen leveled the score shortly after the break.

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