June 19, 2024

Geschwisterduell: Scorpions-Spieler Victor Knaub (Mitte, in rot) spielt heute wieder Riessersee - und seinen Bruder Michael.

Sibling duel: Scorpio Victor Knaup can kick Racersi – and his brother

In the series Against SCR, Scorpions striker Victor Knaub meets his brother Michael. “This brother duel is always nice,” says Victor Knaup. “When it was clear we were going to play against each other, we wrote to each other a lot and kept in touch throughout the series.” There was also contact on the ice.


Right at the start of the series, when SCR won 4:3 after extra time at Mellendorf last Friday, Michael violently bumps his brother into the gang. Victor stayed on the ice for a few seconds, and Michael had to go into the penalty area for four minutes.

insults? ‘It’s more fun’

And then, after Victor Knaup received his own time penalty for hitting him with a stick, it became strange: the two brothers fought from their spot five meters away, over the penalty area attendants and timekeepers, over the bench attendants and timekeepers.

Michael accused his brother of acting, Victor again called Unprintable Words. However, two minutes later, Michael smiled at his brother: while both players were still in the penalty area, SCR captain Florian Vollmer scored a 1-1 equalizer, and the Scorpions were no longer ahead in this match.

“That’s part of it and part of qualifying. Saying a few mean words against your brother is funnier. Saying a few mean words against your brother is funnier. On the ice you’re fighting for your team, the checks are complete, Victor explains, and he’s not a sad kid on the ice either.” But Other than that, we stick to what the Klitschko brothers have always said about themselves: We will never corner each other.”

Victor is about 2 years younger

By the way, it’s not entirely new for the Knaups to meet their own teams. “We used to have that in Canada,” remembers Victor, who is 26 and 21 months younger than Michael. After today’s game, he will surely want to hug his brother, with whom he played together for the Hanover Indians in the 2018/19 season – and go to the quarter-finals with the Scorpions.

The Hanover Indians need to win

The Indians also face a challenge on Friday (8pm) in Game 4 of their Round of 16. They are 2-1 against Deggendorfer and need a win over the DSC to not be eliminated and force a decisive fifth game on Sunday at Pferdeturm.

What should encourage ECH to win away from home: He actually won in Deggendorf last Sunday. In addition, there is also a series of external gains, although the house feature is important, which is often very outstanding. In another round of 16, Leipzig is currently leading 2-1 against Regensburg, and the away team has won all three matches. In the 2019 Oberliga final, Landshut beat Tilburg 3-2 – five matches and five away victories.