February 29, 2024

Four volunteers, four countries, and four experiments will contribute to Paris 2024

Jean Berthiaume (Canada) was already a volunteer at Rio 2016: “It’s an enriching experience!”

Canadian Jean Berthiaume He was truly a torchbearer Play Vancouver 2010 I gained volunteer experience with Pan American Games Toronto 2015 And the Rio 2016 Olympics. Now he is looking forward to the new adventure – Paris 2024 – There.

The 58-year-old French-speaking Canadian is semi-retired after working in water treatment in Quebec. His lifelong “passion for sports” has led him to volunteer.

He especially likes to “motivate people to exercise more because it’s so important for mental and physical health.”

His fondest memories of the Olympics emerged Atlanta 1996 Again, as a track and field athlete Bruni Soren With the Canadian team winning the gold medal in the men’s 4 x 100 meter relay and leaving behind the previous favorites, the American team. “I’ve lived [im Fernsehen] “I saw it and it made me jump with happiness,” he recalls with emotion.

Jean Berthiaume also loves to travel. He traveled to almost every continent with his wife. This is one of the reasons he decided to apply as a volunteer for Paris 2024. He wants to experience the festive atmosphere surrounding the Olympic Games again in a French-speaking country.

“I think it is a rewarding experience to combine sports, travel, relationships and exchange with the millions of people from all over the world who participate in the Olympic Games. As a sports fan, the Games offer all of this together.

Following his experience as a volunteer at the Rio 2016 golf tournaments, the avid golfer will be pleased to support the Protocol team on the Guyancourt greens near Paris next summer.

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