December 11, 2023

Buy the Nintendo Switch OLED: Metroid Dread Bundle available at Otto

Buy the Nintendo Switch OLED: Metroid Dread Bundle available at Otto


Otto’s Nintendo Switch OLED is bundled with the Metroid Dread game. However, you will have to accept a compromise in terms of delivery time.

The Nintendo Switch OLED is currently on sale at Otto. (Source: Nintendo screenshot)

  • Otto lists the Nintendo Switch OLED device.
  • You can also get it with the game “Metroid Dread”.
  • However, you will have to wait a long time for delivery.

the new Nintendo Switch OLED is in stores now. Many dealers list the new console, but most sell it.

For 399 euros you can get the console from Otto with the game “Metroid Dread”. A good deal, because if you buy the game individually, you have to pay at least 50 euros. However, deliveries are not expected until the end of January. Otto does not currently offer Switch OLED without a game.

in a Otto Buy a Nintendo Switch OLED with Metroid Dread*


If you don’t want to wait too long for the console, you can also go to Saturn strike. Delivery there won’t be possible until mid-December. At least you’ll get the console before Christmas. visit in Amazon It can also be useful. The console is available there from time to time.

who – which The new Switch model offers a larger OLED screen For stronger colors and some other modifications. You can learn more in the linked article.

If you managed to secure your Nintendo Switch OLED, you may be wondering how you did it Transfer your data from the old console to the new one. We have prepared instructions for you on this topic.

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