December 5, 2023

Broken ankle: the next setback for ski racer Lowitz

Shock for Stefan Loitz and the German Ski Federation (DSV). A ski racer from SC Bolsterlang broke his ankle while training on the Pitztal glacier. This begins another period of suffering for Luitz, who already wanted to regain his old strength in this World Cup season.

Ankle fracture and syndesmotic ligament rupture

As DSV announced on Instagram on Tuesday, Lowitz suffered a “right lateral malleolus fracture and a torn syndesmotic ligament.” The ski racer was injured during giant slalom practice when he stopped at the gate. DSV continued that Weitz will undergo surgery in the next few days. For Witz, who returned last winter after suffering a herniated disc, this is the next major injury including a long layoff.

The story of Lowitz’s suffering continues

Due to a herniated disc, he had to cancel the 2022 Winter Olympics due to injury. He suffered serious knee injuries in 2017 (ruptured cruciate ligament) and 2019 (ruptured medial ligament). Now a renewed injury is ending Luitz’s World Cup season before it even begins.

A new start in the world racing team

Lowitz really wanted to get back to the top of the world and joined the international “World Racing Team” to do so. The World Racing Team, which he is training with now, is “an international racing team where situations like this now happen with me from different countries together. […] “It’s a normal team, just like the Al-Ittihad team, only with an international crew,” said Loetz, describing his new sporting home on BR24Sport’s Pizza & Fries programme.

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His twelve colleagues come from Denmark, Latvia, the USA, Australia, Estonia, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. He was still going to start with DSV, but none of that would happen at the moment.