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Nor do we know exactly why SEAT is devoting itself to vertigo this summer. summer pit? Did not matter! The Spanish automaker would like to pay tribute to the rotor as such, for its creativity and versatility.

Two roundabouts in Europe are the ultimate focus for every motorist. One of them is Charles de Gaulle Square in Paris. Every motorist who has managed to master the circumference around the French capital meets his master or master in this roundabout: there are no signs on the lanes, for whomever drives the right of way, twelve streets lead into the roundabout – all paired with a certain French way of caring for driving.

Number one, however, is the Magic Circle in Swindon in southern England. This circular juggernaut consists of a central rotor followed by five (!) more rotors on the outside. As usual in England, traffic at the outer roundabouts runs clockwise. In order to get into the inner circle, however, without making a sharp turn, you can drive there counterclockwise. Perhaps this is unique in right-hand traffic for Great Britain. It is claimed that even angry foreign drivers simply parked their cars at the magic roundabout and continued their journey on foot.

The 3.5-kilometer circuit covers an area of ​​nearly 839,000 square metres, which is about 117 football fields – enough space for a luxury hotel, park and royal residence. Located a few kilometers south of the capital and capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya has been depicted on the drawing board and is only 26 years old. The reason for their construction was the desire to move the seat of government from the overcrowded capital. The roundabout is named after Salahuddin Abdul Aziz, the former Sultan of Selangor State and later King of Malaysia.

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Anyway, that’s what the folks at Görlitz say. For a few decades, tram tracks crisscrossed the square, and since 1986 there has only been one circular lane with a total of six entrances and exits. Two of them belong to the North / South respectively B99, which connects Görlitz with Zittau and has a length of 36 kilometers.

If you want to use the “magic roundabout” in Swindon, England for the first time, you must specify the route planned in your head beforehand. When the building opened in 1972, police officers initially stood on the five islands of small roundabouts to help confused road users out of the mix. But it finally does its job: since then, traffic flows better and the number of accidents has also fallen sharply.

Here no less than twelve large star-shaped boulevards meet, and, contrary to the usual rules, those who enter the road are entitled. In addition, there are no signs in the 240-meter roundabout, but there is a lot of awkward scrambling, with vehicles regularly at right angles to each other. All this together requires a lot of patience and nerves, especially for inexperienced Paris travelers.

Thus it has not only two, but three unusual entrances. The roundabout at Eysturoyartunnilin, which is necessary for traffic distribution – please pronounce three times in a row without errors – is 72.6 meters below sea level. In general, the tunnel is 11.2 kilometers long, and is the largest structure in the Faroe Islands. With the opening of the tunnel, travel time between the capital Tórshavn and the city of Ronavík to the north will be reduced from over an hour to about 20 minutes. With the Vallaviktunnel in Norway there is another roundabout in a tunnel. However, it is above sea level. There is more information here.

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In fact, the ring road around the centrally located ‘Queens Park Savannah’ green area, which is only accessible in one direction, is just over 3.9 km longer than the official record holder in Putrajaya, Malaysia. However, this circle has five corners, each of which directs traffic at a 90-degree angle. So it’s not a good relationship, but unusual enough to be included in this list.

At the junction between the cities of Eindhoven and Veldhoven, they have already allowed bicycle traffic to take off since 2012: the bike path with its four ramps is suspended from a total of 24 ropes fixed by a 70-meter-high tower in the air. Engineers controlled the initial vibrations using special dampers. Today, about 5,000 cyclists use the Hofring every day, and it is impressively lit in the dark.

On purpose, because since 2020, the traffic lights have always turned red after 64 hours of sunshine and a 12-meter-high water fountain runs from the center of the roundabout. Munheimer Geyser was famous even before its construction. For some, 600 thousand euros for the construction and maintenance of the work of artist Thomas Straker was too high; Others welcomed its uniqueness and saw it as a future symbol of the city. As a special service, the city even offers online outbreak forecasts.

In the Australian capital Canberra, State Circle Road passes around Parliament House on Capitol Hill, where the Senate and the House of Representatives are held. Purists now throw in roundabouts that this is not a roundabout in the narrow sense, as vehicles can travel in both directions. Given the exposed location and its importance, its mention is more than justified.

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