June 14, 2024

Britain: Former Anglican Bishop Converts to Catholicism

The former Anglican Bishop of Monmouth, Richard Payne, will be received into full communion with the Catholic Church on Sunday 2 July in the personal ordinariate of Walsingham at St Basil’s and St Gulady’s Church (Rogerstone Newport). This was announced by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

Ordinary Keith Newton of Mother Walsingham’s Personal Ordinary will officiate at Vali’s reception in the Catholic Church. Newton transitioned from an Anglican bishop to a Catholic priest in 2011. He is the founding head of the personal ordinariate of the episcopate, though not of the episcopal order. According to a statement by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, Newton said: “After much prayer, we are delighted that Richard has asked for full communion with the Catholic Church. Bishop Paine was the first bishop of the Anglican Church in Wales to be elected to the Ordinariate in 2011. Paine has had a long and distinguished service in the Welsh Church. .He has many gifts which he continues to use to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the people of Wales.


Richard Payne was born in London in 1956. He attended the University of Bristol, where he studied English literature, and then obtained a second degree in theology at Cardiff University, Wales, while training to become an Anglican minister. Bain was ordained as parish priest in Wales in 1986 at Newport Cathedral. In 2013 he was elected Bishop of Monmouth. Pain trained ministers for years. He was Senior Bishop for Church Ministry in Wales and Chair of St Patarnes Institute at its launch in 2016. Paine retired as Bishop of Monmouth in 2019. He has been married to Juliet for over forty years and they have two sons.

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The Ordinariate of Walsingham Mother-in-law is a diocesan organization established under the late Pope Benedict XVI. Committed to allowing former Anglican entry into full communion with the Catholic Church while retaining some elements of Anglican tradition. It has its own Eucharistic liturgy, incorporating certain elements Common Book of Prayers protected.

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