April 23, 2024

Brazil requires visas from tourists from Australia, Canada and the United States » latinapress news

Citizens of Australia, Canada and the United States holding ordinary passports must submit a visa to enter Brazil from next Wednesday (10). Documentation is required at ports, airports and land borders. According to Decree 11,875/2024, the visa requirement was scheduled to take effect on January 10, but was postponed to April. At the time, in a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) justified the new deadline to complete the process of implementing the system and avoid negative consequences for Brazilian tourism during the peak tourist season earlier this year.

The visa requirement reverses a decision by President Jair Mesias Bolsonaro's previous government in March 2019 to lift visa requirements for American, Canadian, Australian and Japanese tourists in Brazil. The move was unilateral, as Brazilians need a visa to visit these countries, according to the regulations in place there. However, MRE explains that Brazilian diplomacy is based on reciprocity, e.g. B. with visa requirement. In May 2023, Japan was removed from this list when Brazil and the island nation signed a visa waiver agreement for Brazilians entering Japan and Japanese visiting Brazilian soil. The reciprocal exemption came into effect in September of the same year and applies to trips of up to 90 days.

Embratur (Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of International Tourism), together with tour operators and airlines in these three countries announced the visa requirement for tourists from April 10. According to Emprador, the content produced will be distributed on various platforms, such as: videos, social media posts, hot sites, e-mails and posters displayed in Brazilian diplomatic missions and in the form of information on Brazilian embassy websites b.

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Electronic visas

Starting April 10, tourists from the three countries wishing to visit Brazil must apply for an electronic visa, known as an e-Visa, at https://brazil.vfsevisa.com, which costs US$80.90. Be. For a 100% electronic visa, the applicant does not need to visit the Brazilian Consulate. With digitization, the applicant can provide the necessary documents, for example, upload images and a recent photo, and receive the visa electronically via email. When entering Brazil, you only need to present a printed copy of your valid passport and temporary visa. The website also recommends applying for an e-Visa in advance to avoid travel disruptions due to delays or missed connections.

The e-Visa allows multiple entries and has the same validity period as traditional visas: ten years for Americans and five years for Canadians and Australians. The new rules apply to people staying in Brazilian territory for up to 90 days, with the possibility of an extension for the same period, if they do not exceed 180 days in 12 months. For e-Visa questions, Canadian, Australian or US citizens should email [email protected] with their full name, country of citizenship and, if applicable, a screenshot or photo of the problem they are facing. Error and details of the electronic device (mobile, computer, tablet) used to access the website.