Börse Express – IRW-News: ACCESSWIRE News Network: With the new Explorer package, SimulTV offers 50 media channels and over 90 video games for free

IRW-PRESS: ACCESSWIRE NEWS NETWORK: With the new Explorer package, SimulTV offers 50 media channels and over 90 video games for free

SELMA, VIRGINIA / ACCESSWIRE / MAY 4, 2023 / SimulTV is launching a new free streaming package called Explorer featuring 50 media channels and over 90 video games. It is with great pleasure for modern streaming platform SimulTV to announce this new media package. With the Explorer Package, users get access to 50 free media channels, 35 exclusive channels with SimulTV productions, and over 90 free video games. The new media package focuses on family-friendly, popular entertainment and sports content and is available worldwide.

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SimulTV has set itself the goal of making streaming services affordable and accessible to everyone around the world. This new package gives even more people access to the perfect entertainment – and it’s free.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer our new Explorer Pack to our customers,” said SimulTV CEO Stephen Turner. With exclusive free media and video game channels, we offer a unique and affordable entertainment experience for the whole family. After all, the free offer is unbeatable.

Media channels in this package include 14 movie channels, 9 sports channels, 9 kids and family channels, 6 news and media channels, and 12 general entertainment channels. Customers can choose from action programs such as Ready, Set, Action, Cowboy Theater, and Radix, and thrill-seekers can choose from Dimensions, Frightmare Theater, or Mythos.

SimulTV is proud to offer several family friendly channels such as Kid Central, Kartoon Circus, MyGen, Small Town Life, Mozzie TV and many more.

Variety of content and exclusive shows such as Foundations of Liberty, Mystic Bayous, SanKofa Theater, Kartoon Circus, Deet and the Geek, exclusive live events from Anime Expo, New York Comic Con (NYCC), New York Fashion Week await customers, Kentucky Bourbon Festival and Tokyo Festival International cinema, for example.

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With over 90 additional free video games, SimulTV has a comprehensive entertainment program ready for customers all over the world, which can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, smart TV or web browser.

Foundations of Freedom – Network 2A – Education/Entertainment (Multi-Part Series). Darren Chapple, Foundations of Freedom facilitator explains: The United States Constitution is the bedrock of our society. If we do not understand their principles, our country risks losing its identity. That’s why I’m proud to be a part of Foundations of Liberty, SimulTV 2A Network, and Veterans of Liberty Defense, as we strive to preserve the spirit of our nation.

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The Ripening of the Bride – Providence Web – Christian Content/Teaching (Multipart Series). In the age of the digital revolution, not only do we need new forms of entertainment, we also need new messages that produce people of moral character who enrich rather than destroy our society. That’s why I’m so grateful to Providence and SimulTV, explains Bob Sjogren.

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Cartoon Circus – Dal the Magician teaches young children about magic, followed by new and classic cartoons (multi-part series). Ladies and gentlemen, Hello boys and girls, dear kids of all ages – may I introduce you to: Fifty for Free on SimulTV. Seriously, I hope you’ll all join us at Cartoon Circus, where Poopsie the Clown and I will dazzle you with top-notch magic tricks, loads of comedy, action shows, and classic cartoons. Don’t miss this unforgettable experience! D. Sanders, MIMC

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Sankofa Theater – Spydar Channel Doris Roddy Howard joins award-winning actor Willie Minor and joins other guests to discuss early African American films and their directors, actors, and producers.

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Mystic Bayous – C3 – Louisiana is full of haunted stories. With a long tradition of voodoo and spirits, exploring the paranormal in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast makes a little sense. “Frank and Benton have been investigating the paranormal for over twenty years, and Frank’s psychic abilities make our investigations appear a chilling experience,” says Jamie Johnson, producer of Mystic Bayous.

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Founded by two-time College All-American and four-time NBA All-Star Anfernee Penny Hardaway, One Cent Media (OCM) is a media company focused on providing viewers with a variety of sports and lifestyle experiences. The company’s goal is to present the true essence of sport and lifestyle in the most authentic and authentic way possible. The resulting conversations and content are intended for the majority and posted by the minority.

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We are thrilled that we, with our partner SimulTV, are bringing the SimWin Sports experience to even more viewers,” said David Ortiz, Founder and CEO of SimWin Sports. Additional platform access provides a better experience for SimWin players and viewers. You can now ride with us from anywhere in the world without restrictions, 24 hours a day.

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Now that SimulTVs new Explorer Pack is available to a global audience, over 90 video games will be offered in multiple languages ​​to entertain a more diverse audience without language barriers.

At SimulTV, we stand for quality entertainment that should be freely available to everyone around the world, Turner said. Our new collection is proof that we care about our customers and want to bring quality entertainment to the world.

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Interested in more information about SimulTV? Then visit us at www.simultv.com or call us at 866-SIMULTV (746-8588).

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