Americans are mad at British Chinese food

Chinese meals

This British eating habit shocked even Americans

Videos of Chinese takeaway food are currently going viral on Tiktok. Americans are disgusted by the labeling of food as “Chinese” and the amount of sauce they eat.


This is how the British eat Chinese takeaway – Americans are pissed off about it.

Tik Tok

  • Right now, Tiktok videos of Chinese takeaway food are going viral very fast.

  • In particular, the British way of preparing food is a thorn in the side of Americans.

  • They were pouring a lot of curry sauce and sweet and sour sauce on their food.

Opinions about British cuisine vary widely. What is clear, however, is that it does not have a great reputation, to put it mildly. By the way, the same applies to American cuisine. Somewhat surprisingly, the way foreign food is consumed in the UK is met with disapproval in the US.

“its yours Tiktok page Also soaked with Chinese takeaway from the UK? Every second video I see shows someone from the UK eating tray and pouring lots of sweet and sour sauce on the food.”

American drag queen KimChi asked this question to her Twitter followers. And indeed: there is a lot under this post consentAs he writes, “evening evening.” “Yes, and under the videos, the Americans complain about the way it is prepared.”

“Is this a joke?”

They seem angry The Americans To top especially the many sauces that come with food in the UK. “Is this a joke?”

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But the sauce is not only a thorn in the side of users, but also the name of Chinese food in the United States. “Do they really call Chinese food ‘Chinese man’?” This is racist and discriminatory, as some are saying in the comments.

The Brits themselves defend themselves against the accusations: ‘This is ‘slang’, stop trying to make a problem”. Another says: ‘I myself am a Chinese citizen and don’t feel discriminated against by that name at all.’

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