Biel thanks Jakowenko – La Chaux-de-Fonds right away with the break

Bieler fans hold a banner for their coach, Ante Turmanen, who has cancer. Photo: Cornerstone

Bell submits in the semi-finals against the ZSC Lions. Seeländer won the first match at home 1-0. Swiss league champions La Chaux-de-Fonds lead 1-0 in the promotion-relegation tie against Ajoie thanks to a 3-2 away win.

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Biel – Zurich 1-0

Spectators in the arena, which was sold out with a capacity of 6,652, had to wait until 116 seconds before the end before the only goal of the match was scored. Defender Alexander Yakovenko was responsible for this. Sven Andreguito missed the last chance to equalize for the Lions with a few seconds left, but Bale’s goalkeeper Harry Satry was on the post.

Defeat was more than upsetting for the Lions as Bale captain Gaetan Haas was forced to go off the bench for five minutes in the 53rd minute due to an elbow check. However, the Lions could not capitalize on the golden opportunity and gained almost nothing. Even Bill couldn’t convince in the power play. As a result, Haas was the strongest when Yakuenko scored.

With Biel and ZSC Lions, the two teams with the fewest goals conceded will meet in the playoffs. In the first semi-final match you can see why. Both goalkeepers, Satri and Simon Hrobek, are hard to beat.

Both teams had plenty of chances. In the eleventh minute, for example, Jesper Olofsson from Bale failed to hit Hroubek from close range, and in the 36th minute, Luca Conte, alone in front of the Czechs, gave the hosts the lead. Three minutes earlier, Zurich striker Willy Rede came close to 1-0, but Satri made a brilliant save as he did against Andreguito in the 51st minute. There are a few good options to list. It was the sixth time this season in a match with the Lions that the score was 0-0 after 40 minutes.

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In the first third there was a standing ovation for Biel coach Ante Turmanen, who is suffering from cancer again. A sign read: “You are not alone, you will recover soon.” Winning did him well, too.

Biel – ZSC Black 1:0 (0:0, 0:0, 1:0)
6,562 spectators. – SR Stolc (SVK) / Pechaczek (Germany), Cattaneo / Duc.
Goal: 59. Yakovenko (Haas, Delmont) 1-0.
punish: 2 times 2 plus 5 minutes (Haas) against Bell, 3 times 2 minutes against the Lions of Zed.
PostFinance top scorer: ragala. Azevedo.
Biel: satire. Rathgeb, Love; Yakovenko, Grossman; Schneberger, Forster; Delimont. Hofer, Haas, Olofsson; Kessler, Salenen, Rajala; Heischer, Conte, Kunzel; Stampfli, Froidevaux, Schläpfer; Parchi.
ZSC Black: Your escape. Geering, Leytonen; Weber, Marty. Cocan, Phil Baltisberger; Trotman. Chris Baltisberger, Rowe, Teixer; Azevedo, Segreste, Trog; Bodenmann, Wallmark, Andrighetto; Redi, Schappe, Baechler; number.
comments: Bill without Brunner (injured), Tanner (ill) and Sheehan (foreign surplus), ZSC Lyons without Bachofner, Hollenstein, Leon (all injured) and Lameco (ill). ZSC Lions from 58:20 without a goalkeeper.

Ajoie – La Chaux-de-Fonds 2:3

With a blistering starter and stalwart goalkeeper Viktor Ostlund, the lower tier got their break in the emotionally charged Jura derby. And with a score difference, Norway’s PostFinance top scorer Sondre Olden made it 3-1 in the 58th minute. Ajoie goalkeeper Damiano Ciaccio didn’t cut a good figure – unlike his counterpart on the other side. The renewed default came with just 19 seconds left.

There was no sign of class difference in front of 5,000 fine spectators at Pruntrut – on the contrary: Neuchâtel’s side, with aplomb, dominated the first third almost completely and took a 2-0 lead after 11 minutes, goals from Kay Choueiri and Thomas Anderson.

Agoé coach Julien Vaucler decided to banish Frédéric Gauthier and Guillaume Aslin to the stands as only four foreigners are eligible to play in the La Liga qualifiers. The power play, which was convincing against Langnau, suffered from that, with five foreigners on the ice. In addition, Hazen sustained a head injury in the final stage.

The potential promotion cards for former series champion La Chaux-de-Fonds are well after 22 years since their last descent.

Ajoie 2-3 La Chaux-de-Fonds (1-2, 0-0, 1-1)
5028 spectators. – S.R. Tscherrig / Hebeisen, Wolf / Urfer.
Portals: 4. Flange (Jacquet) 0-1. 12. (11:01) Andersson (Olden, Huguenen) 0:2. 13. (12:43) Hazen 1:2 58. Olden (less numerous target!) 1:3.60. (59:41) Derungs ( Kohler) 2: 3 (without a goalkeeper).
punish: 3 times 2 minutes against Ajoie, 5 times 2 minutes against La Chaux-de-Fonds.
PostFinance top scorer: Hazen. older
ajoy: Ciaccio. Brennan, Bowie. Faye, Billet; Roehler, Bierbaum; Rundqvist. Hazen, DeVos, Voilamos; Backus, Romaninghi, Dearings; Sciaroni, Frossard, Bozon; Huber, McQuatt, Koehler; Garcos
La Chaux-de-Fonds: Ostlund. Dubois, Huguenin; En Albon, Jacquet; Matewa, Gehringer; Del Ponte Anderson, Ackermann, Olden; Petrini, Topping, Bengtson; Schwery, Wilkins, Roegsiger; eugester, brevet, carpis; debris
comments: Agoe without Hauert (suspended), Asselin, Gauthier and Gautier Leduc (all additional foreigners) and no Chaux-de-Fonds without Anderson, Augsburger, Berthon and Ulmer (all injured) and Fontana (suspended). Ajoie from 58:16 to 58:46 and from 59:30 without a goalkeeper.


New kits for the 2022/23 National League season


New kits for the 2022/23 National League season

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