July 15, 2024

Will Roger Federer replace Boris Becker at the BBC?

Will Roger Federer replace Boris Becker at the BBC?

For the BBC, Wimbledon is probably the biggest and most important event in the broadcast group along with football events. Accordingly, the public television station always engages former top-tier tennis greats as experts who analyze games on site. These include John McEnroe, Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova – and Boris Becker.

The latter may have already accompanied his last match in London as an expert. Baker, who was sentenced to prison in Great Britain about a year ago, has not been allowed into the country since his release. According to a report by Sport Bild, the BBC is already looking for a replacement.

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No one other than record-breaking Wimbledon winner Roger Federer should be in the conversation. However, there is also said to be competition from the USA, and sports broadcaster ESPN is also said to be vying for the bidder’s services from Basel.

Federer explained on the subject: “I actually said I would never become a commentator. But it would be nice if I could do that in a few matches at Wimbledon.”

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